The happy day my letterpress was delivered! I wore my favorite pencil pencil skirt for the occasion. 

My Chandler & Price 'Newstyle' 10x15 Press

My Chandler & Price 'Newstyle' 10x15 Press

Let's meet!
My name is Grace and I like to make things pretty. (Cue audience saying "Hi, Grace!" here.) And how lucky that I get to do that as a graphic designer! I take your information--be it a wedding invitation, brochure, or website-- and design the most effective and beautiful way to deliver that message to your audience.

Letter.Me.Pressed offers a full range of services.
Just Do It All, Please.
This is your full service option. From idea to final product, I'm your designer and your quality control.

Just Designs, Please.
This option's perfect if you'd like to handle the printing yourself. From idea to vendor file, I'm your go-to-designer.

Letterpress Me, Please.
Already have a design you love? Great! Let me bring it to life with the beauty and richness of letterpress printing.

And what's prettier than letterpress?
I've had a small (okay, large) obsession with letterpress most of my life. The tactile quality of the imprint, the richness of the paper, the uniqueness of each print...I could go on. For me, the craft of letterpress equals love. When I got married, I didn't care that much about the food or the venue. I just knew that I needed letterpressed invitations. Ever since my big day (the day I picked my stationery up from the letterpress studio, not my wedding day, of course), I've had "Open a letterpress studio" on my bucket list. This year, I checked that off.

My 1920s C&P Letterpress, a.k.a. My Bucket List Baby:
I scoured the web for months, waiting for a letterpress to show up anywhere near me. My desired press weighs about 1500 pounds, so my options were to find one nearby or pay a small fortune to have it shipped to me. One fine day, my patience paid off. I found a regional listing for the perfect Chandler & Price new style 10x15 platen press. I grabbed my phone to call the seller, then grabbed my keys to hop in the car. The drive took forever, both because I was excited like a kid on Christmas morning, and because there was miserable, but typical Friday afternoon traffic. When I saw her, it was love and I knew she had to be mine. A week later, she pulled up into my driveway (see photo above) and we introduced her to her new home. She's now happily placed (and never moving unless we get a pallet jack) in my studio. It's the beginning of a beautiful friendship, printing beautifully designed graphic elements for you. 

For a bit of history on me:
I graduated with a BS in Graphic Design from University of Minnesota. After interning in the catalog creative department of Lands' End, I dipped my heels into public relations, designing for Weber Shandwick. Somewhere in the middle of those jobs, I fell in love with a boy and moved to be closer to him. I worked as art director at an ad agency. I also gained the title of wife during that time. Since then, I've worked as graphic designer and manager for a contemporary art gallery. And throughout my career, I've had the privilege of freelancing for clients who also believe that good design matters.